Welcome to our new, easier to use website! To view our catalog, click on the catalog links in the left panel.

You no longer need to remember a password, and will no longer have to type in a long credit card number. Just call us at toll-free 800-628-0855, and we will do all the work for you! International customers please e-mail us at gary@songlearning.com with the composer’s name and name of the work you want, and your voice part (S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2), and we will send you the MP3 price, as well as simple instructions on how to place the order.

Also, be aware that we have more than 2500 octavos in our database, so please don’t hesitate to ask for what you need, if you don’t see it in our catalog!


This marks the 33rd year Hammond Music Service has been producing Songlearning Systems™ for choirs. During this extraordinary run, life-long director Gary Hammond has created and produced Rehearsal Tracks for more than 375 Significant Choral Works. Peruse the entire library in the left panel.

To commemorate this milestone, we are offering our entire catalog on a 128GB flash drive. We call it the Legacy Library. This library includes a Lifetime License to make CD duplicates or distribute MP3s to every member of your choir. To own a Master License for every choral work in our HUGE library would normally cost your choir over $35,000!

Originally priced at $1000, we are now offering it for $395, or 60% off!

For a FREE DEMO, click on the secure link, below, to hear the alto part for the Handel Hallelujah Chorus (#44 in the Messiah). Feel free to share this link with your entire alto section, for their opinion. What you will hear: the alto part played on a grand piano in the foreground, with all the other chorus parts, accompaniment, and soft metronome in the background. Works like a charm to teach notes, intervals and rhythms!

Here is the secure link to the HMS Dropbox account. Recipients don’t have to have a Dropbox account to use this link. Once in Dropbox, simply:
1. Click on the first MP3 file to play the announcement;
2. Then click on the < to exit the first MP3 track;
3. Click on the second MP3 file to hear the alto part;
4. Once finished, click on the < to exit that track, and so on…;
5. Click on the last file to open and read the Instruction sheet, with its very helpful hints on how to practice efficiently.

Link to the Alto part of the Hallelujah Chorus:

For more information or to place an order please contact Gary Hammond at Toll-Free 800-628-0855. Again, you can view the complete Legacy Library catalog on the panel to the left.

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