120 Public Domain Works – (This is also Part One of the Legacy Library)


Legacy Library

Section One – 120 Public Domain Works

To find a specific work, scroll down to the composer’s name, then locate the work. If you don’t find it in this section, please check Section Two, 240 Copyrighted Works, or Section Three, 15 Additional Copyrighted Works. The following works are what you will have purchased, when you purchase the Legacy Library. They are all in the public domain. Once you purchase Section One of the Legacy Library, Sections Two and Three will be donated to your choir, FREE of charge.

Bach, J.S.

Cantata 4 – Christ lag in Todesbanden – Christ Lay in Death`s Dark Prison SATB G. Schirmer 14:00
Cantata 50 – Nun ist das Heil und die Kraft – Now hath Salvation and Strength SATB Kalmus 10:00
Cantata 67 – Halt im Gedachtnis Jesum Christ SATB Kalmus 8:00
Cantata 71 – Gott ist mein König – God is My King SATB Kalmus 12:00
Cantata 106 – Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit – God`s Own Time… SATB Kalmus 9:00
Cantata 131 – Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir – Out of darkness call I, Lord… SATB Kalmus 22:00
Cantata 140 – Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme – Wake ye maids!… SATB Kalmus 10:00
Cantata 142 – Uns ist ein Kind geboren – For/To Us a Child is Born SATB Kalmus 5:00
Cantata 150 – Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich – Lord, My Soul dost Thirst for Thee SATB Kalmus 10:00
Cantata 191 – Gloria in Excelsis Deo – Kalmus Edition SSATB (mostly compatible w/Schirmer)14:00
Cantata 192 – Nun danket alle Gott – Now Thank We All our God SATB Kalmus 14:00
Cantata 214 – Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten! (Resound, ye drums! Ring out, ye trumpets! )SATB – Kalmus 8:20
Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248 SATB G.. Schirmer 51:00
Ehre sei dir Gott – Glory be to God SATB Kalmus 5:00
Magnificat in D Major, BWV 243 SSATB Kalmus (mostly compatible with G. Schirmer, et al) 18:00
Missa Brevis #5 in G Major (Allein Gott in der Hah) – BWV 236 SATB 13:00
Motet III – Jesu, meine Freude – Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Cantata 227) – Kalmus SSATB 21:00 (Note: Kalmus edition is mostly compatible with both the G. Schirmer and Carus-Verlag editions)
Motet V – Komm, Jesu, Komm – Come, Jesus, Come (Cantata 229) SATB Kalmus 21:00
Motet VI – Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden, – Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations (Cantata 230) SATB Kalmus 8:00
St. John Passion – BWV 245 SATB Kalmus 42:00
St. Matthew Passion – BWV 244 SSAATTBB Kalmus 61:00


A Calm Sea, Op. 112 SATB Kalmus 8:00

Choral Fantasia, Op. 80 SATB Belwin 5:00 (mostly compatible with Barenreiter edition)
Choral Finale to the Ninth Symphony SATB Kalmus 16:00
Hallelujah Chorus (from the Mt. of Olives)SATB – Kalmus 5:04
Mass in C Major, Op. 86 SATB Kalmus 43:00
Missa Solemnis in D, Op. 123 SATB G. Schirmer (1934 copyright) 70:00


Requiem, Opus 5 SSTTBB Belwin Mills 67:00


How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place – From the German Requiem SATB Kalmus 5:00
Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 52 SATB Kalmus 20:00
Nänie, Opus 82 SATB Kalmus 9:00
Requiem, Op. 45 – English Edition SATB G. Schirmer 62:00
Schicksalslied, (Song of Fate) – Op. 54 SATB Kalmus 12:00
Vier Gesange (Four Songs), Op. 17 SSA Kalmus 17:00
Vier Zigeunerlieder (Four Gypsy Songs), Op. 112 SSAATB Kalmus 5:00


Mass #2 in E minor – Kalmus (mostly compatible with Peters edition) – SSAATTBB 63:00
Te Deum SATB Kalmus 25:00

Carissimi, Giacomo

Jephte SSAATB Kalmus 9:00


Requiem Mass in C minor SATB Kalmus 43:00


The Seven Last Words of Christ SATB Kalmus 20:00


Mass in D Major, Op. 86 SATB Kalmus 41:00
Requiem Mass, Op. 89 SSAATTBB Kalmus 53:00
Stabat Mater SATB Kalmus 48:00
Te Deum, Op.102 SATB Kalmus 14:00


Dream of Gerontius SSAATTBB Kalmus 37:00
The Music Makers, Op. 69 SATB Novello 32:00


Cantique de Jean Racine SATB Kalmus 4:40
Requiem – Kalmus (mostly compatible with FitzSimons Edition) SATB 27:00


Hodie Christus Natus Est SATB/SATB double chorus CPDL 6:45
Jubilate Deo SATB Kalmus 11:18


Messe Solennelle SATTBB G. Schirmer 35:00

Hammond Music Service

Vocalise – 2 Sets of Exercises – High or Low Voice SATB 50:00 (PDF included)


Acis and Galatea SATB Kalmus 31:00
Alexander’s Feast SATB Kalmus 30:00
Coronation Anthem #1 – Zadok the PriestSSAATBB 7 part edition Kalmus 4:34
Coronation Anthem #1 – Zadok the Priest (Easier Version) SSATB Kalmus 4:30
Coronation Anthem #2 – The King Shall Rejoice SSATB Kalmus 11:00
Coronation Anthem #3 – My Heart is Inditing SSATB Kalmus 11:00
Coronation Anthem #4 – Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened SSATB Kalmus 7:00
Dettingen Te Deum SSATB Novello 30:00
Dixit Dominus SSATB Kalmus and G. Schirmer 48:00
Four Coronation Anthems (All 4 Anthems) SSATB Kalmus 48:00
Israel in Egypt SSAATTBB Kalmus and G. Schirmer 68:00
Judas Maccabaeus SATB Kalmus (Compatible with G. Schirmer) 53:00
Messiah – Christmas Edition (Part I + Hallelujah Chorus + Worthy is the Lamb) SATB G. Schirmer 31:00
Messiah – Easter Edition – Parts II & III SATB G. Schirmer 46:00
Messiah – Standard edition – ALL 20 Choruses SATB G. Schirmer 64:00
Semele – A Secular Oratorio SATB Kalmus 28:25

Hayden, Franz Joseph

Harmoniemesse (Harmony Mass)SATB Kalmus (mostly compatible with other editions) 38:00
Insanae et vanae curaeSATB CPDL (CPDL has piano accomp) (chorus parts perfectly match the Novello Nov 291885 score which has organ accompaniment) 6:54
Lord Nelson Mass #3 in D SATB Kalmus 37:00
Mass in B Flat – Theresienmesse (Theresa Mass) SATB Kalmus 35:00
Missa Brevis Sti Joannis de Deo – Little Organ Mass – Kalmus (mostly compatible w/other editions) SATB 13:00
Missa Sancti Nicolai – Mass in Honor of St. Nicholas SATB Kalmus 35:00
Missa Sti. Bernardi von Offida – Heiligmesse (Missa Solemnis) SATB Kalmus 37:00
Paukenmesse – Mass in Time of War SATB Kalmus 33:00
Te Deum – SATB Kalmus (mostly compatible with the Carus edition) 9:39
The CreationSATB Kalmus (mostly compatible with other editions) 40:00
The Heavens are Telling (from The Creation)SATB – Kalmus – 6:13
The Seasons SATB Kalmus 35:00

Liszt, Franz

Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me? (Ps. 13) SATB 26:00


Symphony #2 – The Great Call SATB Kalmus 11:00
Symphony #3 – 5th Movement SSSSAA Public Domain 4:26

Marsh, Kerry

In Your Eyes – Jazz harmonies – SSAATTBB – Self published 5:15


As the Hart Longs – 1st Movement of Ps. 42 SATB Kalmus 5:00
As the Hart Pants – Ps. 42 SATB Kalmus 17:00
Elijah SATB Kalmus 76:00
Hymn of Praise, Op. 52 SATB G. Schirmer 28:00
St. Paul, Op. 36 SATB Kalmus 72:00

Mozart, W. A.

Coronation Mass – Kronungs Messe, K 317 SATB G. Schirmer 20:00
Grand Mass in C minor, K. 427 SATB G. Schirmer edition #2240 65:00
Missa Brevis in C Major, Organ Solo Mass, K. 259 SATB Kalmus 13:00
Missa Brevis in F Major, K.192 SATB Kalmus 20:00
Regina Coeli, K 276 SATB Kalmus 8:00
Requiem – Kalmus (mostly compatible with all other known Sussmayr editions) SATB 40:00
Requiem – 4 Soli Quartets (all the Sussmayr solo parts) SATB 64:00
Te Deum, K 141 SATB Kalmus 8:00
Vesperae solennes de confessore, K 339 SATB Kalmus 25:00
Vesperae solennes de Dominica, K 321 SATB Kalmus 23:00


Magnificat SATB Kalmus 13:00


Bogoroditse DevoSATB – CPDL (Public Domain) 2:00
The Bells, Op. 35 SSAATTBB Kalmus/Belwin Mills 23:00


Daphnis et Chloé SSAATTBB Kalmus 18:00


Petite Messe Solennelle SATB Kalmus 43:00
Stabat Mater SATB Kalmus (mostly compatible with Peters edition) 20:42


Christmas Oratorio SATB G. Schirmer – Public Domain 16:00


Mass in A-flat SATB Kalmus 45:00
Mass in B-flat SATB Kalmus 25:00
Mass in E-flat SATB Kalmus 58:00
Mass in G SATB Kalmus/Belwin Mills 17:00

Schumann, Robert

Das Paradies und die Peri (Paradise and the Peri) SATB Kalmus 41:00


Sing Unto the LordSATB/SATB – G. Schemer in English – (mostly compatible with the Barenreiter and Carus-Verlag editions entitled Singet dem Herrn) 24:00

Vaughan Williams

A Sea Symphony SATB Kalmus 56:00
Five Mystical Songs SATB Kalmus 15:00


Four Sacred Pieces SATB Kalmus 44:00
Requiem SATB G. Schirmer – Public Domain 51:00
Va Pensiero SSAATTBB Lawson-Gould – Public Domain 4:54


Credo SATB Kalmus/Belwin Mills 11:00
Gloria, RV 589 – Kalmus Edition (mostly compatible with the G. Schirmer edition) SATB 21:00
Magnificat SATB Kalmus 9:00